The simplest CRM for direct sellers.

Acquire and manage clients in 15 minutes a day.

Your daily call list

Just reach out to 3 contacts a day, schedule next steps, and never forget to follow up again.

Sell more, faster

Easily search, filter, create groups, batch text personalized messages, and use proven templates.

Proven results

See how Dough users grew their sales by 37% in just 4 weeks.

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"Loving Dough. I don't need to think about who to reach out to – it is already right in front of me in the morning. As a result of my first day of reach-outs, I have 2 new appointments!"
"So is this the definition of addiction? I now can't live without Dough. I've never had something like it before."
"I love Dough! Keeps me on track and gives me the checkmark I need."


$14.99 Monthly
  • Free 30-day trial
  • Unlimited contacts
  • Unlimited to-dos


$24.99 Monthly
  • Free 30-day trial
  • Unlimited contacts
  • Unlimited to-dos
  • Custom templates
  • Contact groups
  • Personalized batch messaging

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About Dough

Dough was founded by Stanford and Amazon alumni to solve the toughest problem in direct sales: relationship management. We started Dough to create a system that works. Less stress, more earnings. It’s as simple as that.